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Her defloration story

It was Choky, which was 18 years. She only began to be formed in the woman. The girl has cast away a blanket and has thrust the handles for panties and beginning there by them caress her virgin pussy, she shivered from pleasure.
Vadim get up from a bed and has switched on light. Choky had not time even to be covered and laid so with hands on her pussy. Her red cheeks and the firm nipples of a small breast spoke that she waits orgasm.
- What is it you do? - is silent, but firmly has asked Vadim.
- Anything. - she was bashfully closed by a blanket.
- How anything? I see. - he has risen from a bed and has approached to her.
- Yes, see. - she see his raised young cock.
He has removed the cowards and to lie near to her. The girl is frightened and was move.
- Be not afraid, I am sick I shall not do. Give. - he has stroked her on a breast and has removed sleeveless top, to bare small sharp breasts. By the right hand he caress her of a young breast, another hand has taken her virgin pussy.
- You what?! - she strongly was surprised. - I am virgin!
- No trouble. It can do the favour. Nothing is eternal. Your virginity too.
Second she changed, then has pulled together panties, wet through and sit down on the cock her boyfriend. Virgin hardly has sat down, the cock has passed on half-centimeter, then girl has screamed and has tried to rise. Boyfriend has warned this movement and has put her on a back. He has decided to use the checked up way.
Has enclosed under her a head a pillow. He has curtailed a blanket and has enclosed her under a back. Then he supported by hands her of a leg in air and has lowered the lips to her plump, her not covered hair vagina.
The girl tremble also has moved apart legs from is inexpressible of pleasant sensation. To feel tongue the man sliding on puffy lips the virgin pussy. This delivered especial pleasure to this inexperienced girl. She coil as the snake, hardly constrained groans. It was so is sweet for 18 years girl.
Through a pair of minutes sweet torture, Girl lingeringly has sighed and weakened was lowered on a bed. Boyfriend has removed a pillow and blanket.
He has put the girl under itself and fast movement to stick the cock in her pussy. Her pussy was very damp, is stuffy and is narrow. He lightly moved by the cock inside virgin and have groan from pleasure. The girl a little groaned and felt as her virgin pussy is stretched inside up to a limit. And boyfriend, feeling virgin vagina by the head of the his cock groan from pleasure. He has sped up movements and has felt, how has torn virgin pussy and as sperm is overthrown in inside girl vagina. He has opened a mouth and shouted from orgasm. He has taken the cock and has wiped blood the virgin by the cowards. He has made too with pussy the girl...

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